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Virtual practitioner development


Deliver training to a remote workforce


Your training might have to run a little differently, but don’t clear your calendar just yet. Now is the time people need your expertise more than ever. Whether you’ve never held a virtual training or you’re converting activities for remote attendees, we're here to help.


Expand your expertise


Our assessments are designed to be used together to provide participants deeper insights to transform their learning experience.


Virtual certification programs


  • MBTI® Global: Increase self-awareness and leverage individual differences to drive positive change and harness innovation with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Emotional Intelligence: Identify social and emotional strengths and development areas with the EQ-i 2.0® and EQ 360®
  • Leadership 360-feedback: Identify leadership strengths and opportunities to increase effectiveness through a holistic assessment process with Benchmarks® 360
  • Team Dynamics: Understand communication and leadership styles to improve performance with the FIRO®
  • Selection and Development: Gain insight into an individual's personal and professional styles with the CPI 260®
  • Career Interests: Help people find careers they can be passionate about with the Strong Interest Inventory®
  • Conflict Management: Harness conflict in the workplace with the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument


Advanced training for MBTI® certified practitioners



Online resources for certified practitioners


Use these resources for learning and development in virtual settings:



Free resources for practitioners


Your new challenge is keeping your people productive and effective amid a fast-changing environment. Whether you’re helping managers who’ve never had virtual teams, or helping your workforce adapt to virtual communication, these tips and resources are for you:



Need customised support?


If you need customised help with remote working challenges, we’re here for you. The Myers-Briggs Company has expertise and experience delivering meaningful training in virtual contexts.

Partner with our experienced facilitators to transition your training to a virtual classroom. Or let us help you design and deliver new virtual programs to remote employees.




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