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ebilities Metacognitive Assessment Series

ebilities Metacognitive Assessment Series is a game-changing new class of employment tests that shortcut the process of evaluating ability, decision making and personality to help you answer the questions – Who to hire, and Who to Promote?

Using modern psychometrics, ebilities Metacognitive Assessment Series demonstrate a new psychometric model that examines the interaction between cognitive ability and cognitive confidence, such that the relative match and mismatch between the two provides a rich source of information about a person’s decision making style and associated behaviors and personality characteristics.

Cognitive confidence is a stable individual differences factor or trait that relates to the self-belief a person has in their cognition or thought processes. It is measured by sampling a test taker’s metacognition – as part of the testing process they are required to ‘think about their thinking’ and indicate the confidence they have in the answers they give to test questions.

The ebilities Metacognitive Assessment Series can help you to:

  • Quickly identify the most promising applicants to interview and further evaluate
  • Shorten your recruitment cycle and decrease your administrative costs
  • Screen out people who are unlikely to become highly productive employees
  • Reduce turnover by matching people to jobs that suit their abilities

Once the tests are completed, the ebilities Metacognitive Assessment Series Reports will make it easy for you to determine which applicants to shortlist and to further evaluate through an interview process.


Certification in the ebilities Metacognitive Assessment Series

You qualify to use the ebilities Metacognitive Assessment Series if you have completed the MBTI® certification program, the 16PF® certification program, the CPI 260® certification program or the EQ-i 2.0® and EQ 360 certification program. Participants completing the 16PF or CPI260 certification programs will have opportunities to undertake and experience these assessments as part of their training.

Public 16PF ® Certification Programs, including certification in the ebilities Metacognitive Assessment Series, are currently available in Melbourne .

If you would like to discuss an in-house Certification Program for your organisation, please contact us .


ebilities Metacognitive Assessment Series

MAS General Potential

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MAS Business Fundamentals

Modern alternative to traditional abstract, verbal and numerical tests for use in English-speaking work settings. Includes tests of working memory, English vocabulary and numerical problem solving. Standard version - 25 minutes | Advanced version - 20 minutes

MAS Numerical

A mental agility-focused alternative to traditional numerical aptitude assessments. Includes tests of mental arithmetic, numerical pattern recognition and financial reasoning. Advanced version - 20 minutes

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